Portion For Admission in Interview or Test


Personal Introduction:
Child’s name , Father’s name,Mother’s name etc
Knowledge and recognition of English alphabets ( A-Z)
Recognition and counting of numbers
Recitation of Rhymes – any 2 to 3 Rhymes
Recognition of common fruits, vegetables, means of transport , colours & common things around us.


English: Alphabets, Before Letters, After Letters

Maths:     Numbers (1-100), After Numbers, Before Numbers,  Number Names, Counting – Oral

G.K :       Oral

Class I

English: Cursive Alphabets, Singular Plurals, Usage of a,an,this,that

Hindi:     Varnmala, Before letters, Matching

Maths:     Numbers (1-300) , Number Names, Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Shape Names

Science: General Questions, Drawing with Description

G.K:      General Question Answers Ex: Father’sFather is called ——

Class II

English: About Myself, Opposites, Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs

Hindi :   Varnmala, Mathraye, Bharakhadi

Maths:   Numbers 1- 700, Numbers Names, Additions, Subtractions

Science: Fill in the blanks Drawing and colouring ,General Question and Answers.

G.K:Fill in the blanks, General Question Answers  Ex: The baby of hen ————-

Class III 

English:  Question and Answers from any paragraph, Rhyming Words, Adjectives

Hindi :  Varnmala, Bharakhadi, Vilom Shabd, Meanings in English

Maths: Additions, Subtraction, Multiplications, Drawing shapes, Place values

Science: Drawing, Types of houses, General Questions

G.K: Identifying , General Questions

Class IV :

English:   Narating the story by seeing pictures, Adjectives, Opposite Genders

Hindi:  Varnmala, Writing few words of any given items, Ling Badlo, Vilom Shabd, Parya vachi shabd

Maths: Additions, Subtraction , Multiplications, Division, Drawing Shapes

Science: General Questions related to
plants & Animals , World of Birds , Parts of Body , Our Universe , Materials Around Us- Soil , Matter & Its States.

G.K:   Famous Persons, General Questions


Class V :

English:   Comprehension, past tense forms, nouns, compositions.

Maths: Number System, Factor and Multiples, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (Large numbers), Roman numerals, Basic Geometry.

Science: Different systems of our body, Work Force and Energy, Water, Our Universe, and Diseases and Prevention.

G.K:   Natural Disasters Picture Identification, Body parts and heir work, Musical Instrument of god and goddess, Folk Dances of states, Founders of Religions.


Class VI :

English:   Comprehension, Plurals, Nouns, Composition, Past Forms, Active and Passive forms.

Maths: Number System, Factor and Multiples, Addition, Subtraction, multiplication and Division (Large numbers), Roman Numerals, Basic Geometry (Line, Line segment, ray, triangles perimeter & Area of plane figures), Measurements.


Our Body: Sense Organs, Bones and Muscles.

Acids, Bases, and Salts

Diseases and prevention.

Food Components


Rocks and Mineral.

Chief ministers.



Capitals of countries and states.

G.K:   Presidents and Prime ministers.

Book Author and Inventions.


Country and Capitals.