Chairman’s vision


Sri Burugula Shyam Sunder Goud
B.Com; L.LB.

I was confident of what I wanted to offer children when I was entrusted to shoulder the chairmanship of Swami Vivekananda Seva Samiti education trust Institutions in 1999 after the death of Late.Sri.Kanjerla Shankar Yadav-Founder President. It’s a pleasant realization that the school with an integrated curriculum of activities (co-curricular & extracurricular) and academics what exactly the parents expect for their children’s needs is fostered here.
Change is inevitable and when it comes to the Education system which has been witnessing radical changes for the past some time, when parents are eager to let their children become a part of this change, looking at their own unfulfilled aspirations taking shape in their wards, facing the pressure of ever rising trend in the fee structure of private school year after year which has become a major concern among the parents, Hindu Techno School , continues with its large strides in the field of quality education.
Moral values, Discipline, imbibing and assimilating social, ethical, traditional, cultural values, imparting knowledge, good communicative skills an overall growth of an individual is what the school aims at. Hindu Techno School still believes in moderate fee structure focusing more on imparting quality education rather than commercializing itself.
It is with these features Hindu Techno School is designed to torch the hearts of students to transform their lives to achieve overall excellence.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the parents, staff and well wishers who have been our supporters in our non-stop incredible journey and assure one and all that we will continue our march raising the rung each year as we move ahead together hand in hand.